• Rahul Firez

Why should read this books if you want become a professional trader.

There are number of books available for Trading and Investing around the world in these books they have explained varies strategies, trading tools, Software's and about market views.

In this article we are going to looks for e-books which has highest rating on amazon kindle as well as books which are read by me for my personal trading purpose. This books are freely available if you have a kindle unlimited subscription.

1. How To Day Trading For a Living.

In this book author has described the fundamentals of day trading, explains how day trading deferent from swing trading and investing and elaborate on important trading strategies that many traders use every day. Author has kept the book short so that you can complete the book within short time and start earning.

2. How To Swing Trade.

In this book author has described about swing trading, if you are a beginner trader this book will equip you with an understanding of how to start, where to start, what to expect from swing trading, how you can develop your own strategies based on your personal goals .

3. How To Avoid Loss & Earn Consistently :

This books is written for complete fundamental analysis of compony.

Investing in High quality business at the right price and holding them for reasonable period is the only way for wealth creation. written in easy to understand and simple language, this book guide you to how to select fundamentally strong business, when to buy stocks above all how to minimize loss.

In this book you will learn about basics of stock market, Management evaluation, valuation, How to construct your portfolio, Quick formula for piking winning stocks etc..

4.The Ultimate Option Trading Strategies For Beginners :

If you are beginner to the world of trading, this is only book you will need to learn the basics of the game and to start earning a handsome income consistently every month.

In this book you will learn about :

1.what stock option are ?

2.types of options and varies terms used in options.

3.Option GEEKS

4.Option Strategies and much more.

5.Difinitive Options Guide To Options Trading :

This book will based on advance options trading and strategies,

In this book you will learn about :

  1. What is market going to do next.

  2. How can you position yourself for max profit.

  3. What is your ideal positioning to avoid loss.

  4. What should be the option strategy

  5. How to handle worst case scenarios.

In this article we have not discussed about The intelligent Investor because it mostly suggested by everyone , Hence we have some latest additions for your information and action.