• Rahul Firez

What is Bitcoin and How to buy it in India.

Updated: Jul 18

What is Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is digital virtual currency founded in 2008 by unknown person named as Satoshi nakamoto. Bitcoin is a virtual currency means you cannot touch it but we can store it on digital wallets.

The main Idea behind the bitcoin is to use peer peer technology to operate without any central authority or banks.

When bitcoin was launched for first time in 2008 it was available at a price of 0.1$ but now it is trading approximately 40000$, if you have invested 1000$ in 2012 now it would have become 8000000$ till date.

How to Buy it?

There are no of ways to buy bitcoin but in this article we are going to read about two crypto exchanges where you can buy bitcoin without any hesitation .

  1. Wazirx is India's most trusted crypto exchange ,wazirx has been made by hardcore traders and passionate blockchain believers with wazirx you can buy, sell and trade bitcoin and altcoin with amazing easy , also wazirx provides rapid withdrawal and deposit within seconds. Click here to join Wazirx.

  2. Binance is the worlds largest crypto exchange by volume, in this platform we have multiple choice of trading such as spot trading, future trading, option trading, margin trading even we can lend our money and earn interest.Signup on Binance here