• Rahul Firez

VET break out on daily chart what's the next target ?

In this, article we are going to study about VET cryptocurrency available on Binance Exhange.

We have observed breakout on daily candle stick chart, VET is currently trading around 0.057741 USDT when writing this article, there is no support on upper side, Vet is currently trading at all time high.

What is the target next target ?

It is very difficult to predict next move of any coin it is all depend on BTC move, how BTC behave in the current time, but as per technical analysis we can predict the next target to 0.75 USDT.

Support and Resistance ?

Major support around 0.035 USDT and minor support around 0.49 USDT on daily time frame and on hourly chart support around 0.55 & 0.46 USDT.

Best Entry price.

if you get the above coin in the price of 0.55 to 0.58 it we be the best to get in this price.

What is your opinion on Vet, What is your next target ?, please comment your target in comments sections.

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