• Rahul Firez

Is Ether about to Break out Lets Have A Look.

Updated: Jan 25

Bitcoin is trading around 30000$ to 32500$ from last three days, If BTC manages to stay stable then we can see up move in ETH, Ethereum is currently trading around 1325$.

From last few days Ether in range of 1000$ to 1350$, As shown in the above image ETH is currently trading near to the first resistance around 1400$ on daily candle stick chart,

At the resistance we may see some dump but in the coming session if ether manages close above the first resistance around 1400$, we may see heavy buying, even we might see the level of 1750$ in the upcoming session.

Lets have a look on the 15min time frame , in above image we can see the first resistance on 1350$ on 15 min candle stick, if we want to take the position in ETH we have three options

first around 1300$ at first support on 15min time frame and second around 1250$ , we can maintain the stop loss of 1200$.

What is your opinion on Eth, please mention us in Comment section.

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